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  • shengyexiashuMORIBANATSUKInvshi


    Design director


    Members of the Japanese Garden Society
  • Resume:

    She graduated from green science and environmental science, Faculty of horticulture, Chiba University.

    He worked in LANDSCAPE Research Institute, Tokyo, in 1996.

    In 1999, we joined the corporate greening fund of the Consortium;

    In 2000, he entered the consortium Park Greenland management consortium and participated in the design of the Kunming garden fair Japanese garden.

    He joined adras (Beijing) planning and Design Co., Ltd. as director of ATLAS design in 2003.

    Beauty condenss in the essence of things. It does not need to be reasoned to demonstrate that beauty is directly felt and instantaneous. Therefore, the feeling of beauty is pure or instinctive.

    As a female designer, she is sensitive to Meg, and cleverly applies this pure instinct to design.

  • Awards:

    In 2013, he won the 2013CIHAF design in China - 2013 Award for young landscape architects.

    2013 the ninth session of the Garden Expo designer square award.

  • Major participation in the project:

    The Japanese Government participated in the Kunming International Horticultural Exposition,

    During this period, China and Japan organized various cultural exchanges and cooperation.

    The operation and management of the National Park in Japan;

    Start a horticultural lecture.

    Establishing the management system of Park volunteers

    Environmental design of UT Hangzhou research and Development Center

    Environmental design of the residential district of Fang Yi City Garden

    Planning and design of Wuhan Yue Hu Culture and art district and Qin Tai culture and Art Center

    Development and design scheme of Beijing sun Center Building

    Project design of Hangzhou Bay New Area theme park

    Planning and design of "Dong Du yuan" scenic spot in Zhangjiagang

    Plan planning of 6 landscape nodes in Dongtan, Chongming Island, Shanghai

    Gorky road project development planning and design, urban public green space environmental landscape design

    Planning and design of Central Park and Riverside Park in Xincheng District of Foshan

    Environmental landscape design of Guangxia City Sunshine Garden in Cangzhou

    Landscape design of Chengdu Jinhe five star hotel and international convention and Exhibition Center

    Architectural design and landscape design of Yue Yuan dream in Shanghai Moon Garden Sculpture Art Park

    Landscape planning and design of Tianjin Renheng Haihe square

    Shanghai moon garden sculpture art park ship restaurant building design, winter shore landscape design, small Sheshan planning and design

    Planning and design of the environmental renovation of the Nandaihe Beach

    Two stage landscape design of Shanghai moon garden sculpture art garden

    2010 World Expo site design in Shanghai, China

    Landscape design of Chengde Royal water garden

    Planning and design of urban environmental transformation in old Chengxiang city of Tianjin

    The landscape design of Tianjin twon Zhong Tang Commercial Street

    Landscape design of double full square in Beijing Sun Palace

    Planning and design of urban river landscape renovation in Qinhuangdao harbor area

    Landscape design of international convention implementation center of SEPA

    Langfang Aili Maple Golf Garden Landscape Design

    Four stage landscape design of Beijing Rose Garden

    Chaoyangmen SOHO landscape design

    Landscape planning of the 2011 Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition

    Design of Chengdu non material Cultural Heritage Park

    Tianjin Cultural Center

    Landscape design of The Inn Boutique purple jade The Inn Boutique in Xiamen

    2010-2012 years of the five phase of the noble villa of Beijing YYu mountain villa

    Beijing green land real estate Fangshan project

    Life garden in Zhongguancun, Beijing

    Tianjin International Convention and Exhibition The Heart of Pai

    Planning and design of the Jinzhou World Horticultural Exposition in Liaoning

    Landscape design of the new Beiyang Science Park in Weihai, Shandong

    Beijing ronghua international landscape planning and design

    The ninth Jiangsu Horticultural Exposition EXPO Expo implementation plan design competition

    Landscape design of Beijing Yuhe integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine rehabilitation hospital

    Landscape design of Beijing Lin Olympic Garden

    Landscape design of Xianghe cultural center in Hebei

    Landscape design of Tangshan Tiancheng Jinxiu north area project

    Landscape design of Wuhan East Lake Green Road Mt. Mt.

    The project landscape design of Beijing Taihe gynecology and obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

    Bidding for landscape design of Liuyang River in Changsha High Speed Rail New Town

    Landscape design of tributaries of moat tributaries in Jiaozhou

    Dongying central city Forest Park and Guangzhou Li river ecological landscape corridor conceptual grand master international competition

    The landscape design of the Jiaxu international pension apartment

    Two stage landscape design of Tangshan Jiacheng North District

    General concept planning and constructive detailed planning of Heli pasture

    China Iron building tender

    Design of urban furniture system in Wuqing Development Zone, Tianjin

    Jingzhou garden fair plan design bid

    Tender for planning and design of comprehensive greenway of green road and Wu nine line in Jiangnan Center

    Landscape design of Guizhou he world wine industry area

    Conceptual design of yam River Park in Longquanyi District, Chengdu

    Landscape design of A03 massif in Arles Town, Wenzhou

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