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Enterprise introduction:

ATLAS (atolas) is an international integrated design institute. It is mainly engaged in the planning, landscape and architectural design of various environments, such as the commercial complex, the living environment, the park and the tourist holiday, the urban public space, the Expo site, the ecological environment protection and so on. In the design work of many years, we have established a good cooperative relationship with many famous international environment, planning and architectural design companies, sculpture art design company, roof greening technology company, gardening master, guide and design company.

ATLAS (China) was set up in Beijing in 2003. It mainly focuses on landscape design, and has made remarkable achievements in the practice of Chinese high-end commercial real estate and residential real estate landscape design. As an excellent representative of the Japanese design industry, ATLAS (China) has always scrupulously adhered to the design pursuit of "the unique creative integration into the design, the strict attitude to ensure quality". The unique design concept of Japan is combined with the diversified cultural needs of China to form a unique design style. The core team is composed of many experienced Japanese designers, providing full process professional design consultancy services and diversified follow-up business support.

Since ATLAS enters China, the design project is all over China. It has successfully designed 2010 Shanghai World Expo site design, 2011 Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition landscape design, Shanghai Sheshan moon garden sculpture park architectural landscape design, the landscape design of the Hangzhou headquarters of the Hangzhou headquarters, the landscape design of the Beijing Chaoyangmen SOHO landscape design, and the landscape design of Chaoyangmen in Beijing. ATLAS has become one of the famous landscape planning and design in China through the joint efforts of all members in Hangzhou West Feng Jing residential landscape design, Tianjin cultural center landscape design, Wuhan Moon Lake Culture and Art Center planning architecture design, Tianjin Jianghai Jincheng city planning and so on at home and abroad. One of the brands.

Enterprise advantage:

  • ·   Combining Japan's mature international professional landscape design mode ;
  • ·   Perfect design service process and professional service division system. ;
  • ·   Strong international senior designer and horizontal multi professional cooperation. ;
  • ·   The main designer is careful, rigorous and strict in the late construction. ;
  • ·   Provide full process landscape design consultancy service from conceptual design to construction drawing.

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